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Dear Dad-Book Trailer

Book Praise

     “Difficult” does not begin to express the nature of fatherlessness, and it becomes clear as the reader progresses through this volume that for those who must grapple with the situation, it becomes necessary to incorporate and somehow turn this misfortune into some kind of wisdom—a different endeavor for each of the contributors to the book. The general reader will be captivated, and encouraged, by the stories herein.
    This is a book you can’t put down. The quality of the writing, and the contemplation that led to it, is top-notch."
           - Anonymous

I don't do this very often, however, this is a MUST!  My very dear sister-friend Nichole Christian is a contributing author to the book Dear Dad: Reflections on Fatherhood.  Whether your daddy was in the home or not, this book is sure to touch your soul. It's a healing balm - we all have our stories.  We all can relate to the moment we started to see our parents as human - with their own life journeys - and not the hero or villain we've made them out to be.  This book breaths transparency and the ability to transform lives.  …It will have you begging to read more.
Let's make this book viral...healing is a MUST!
-Erica A. Murray, Breakthrough Innovations 


         The book is very touching, an easy read but meant for everyone. All can relate to this book. Thank God for your efforts! At this time in my life, your book hit the spot for me. My father was once strong and able bodied. He still starts my car and sees that I'm cared for even as an adult. That's a true Dad.
                           -Pastor Lori K. Holmes
                            Caldwell Chapel AME Zion Church, Kankakee, Ill.